Week 15, 2016 – Baka Wins a Thing!

I’ve been trying to catch Bill and Brittany Doran’s terrific twice-weekly Twitch streams as often as possible. They are the dynamic duo who comprise Punished Props, and the streams are always entertaining and educational. (Holy hell that’s an almost obscene overabundance of alliteration!)

This past Tuesday, Britt was the only one in the shop, and she did a stream where she cast a medallion of the Hearthstone emblem in different materials…then she gave them away to three lucky viewers. (Well, two lucky viewers, and a glitterbomb victim.)


Here’s mine! Cold-cast copper spritzed with a patina solution to oxidize it! :D (I haven’t taken the picture yet, d’oh!)

I was so blown away when the chatbot randomly picked me for the first drawing, because of how interested I am in cold-casting!

Anyway, read more to see the video…

The whole thing is great, but if you’re really only interested in the copper one, skip to 4:49 in the video.  And yes, you can see me in the chat throughout the video, even though it’s edited down from like over an hour of content, I’m a chatty SOB. :P

And in this next video, you can see the totally awesome Hearthstone box that Britt made, which is a wonder of 3D printing post-processing and prop making. :D

EDIT 5/6: Here it is like two weeks after I received the Hearthstone emblem in the mail…and I’ve just now found the first errant piece of glitter on my workbench…even though I never found any on the prop, or in/on the envelope…  I guess there’s nothing for it then, I’ll have to nuke the site from orbit…it’s the only way to be sure.  ┐(-。ー;)┌

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