DTRH – Down The Rabbit Hole

Just by the nature of my particular derangement of the mind and the way it causes me to interact with information, I have a tendency to enter periods of hyper-fixation around a given subject of interest. People talk about ‘falling down a rabbit hole’ when they go to read up on a topic and get more than they bargain for, well as is so often the case with me, I take that to the Nth degree.

This hyper-fixation is also a function of a lack of financial resources; when I find a new interest I wish to pursue, I can never just do so right away, invariably having to work whatever it is I need into the next month’s budget if it’s even affordable. So I absorb all of the information that I can in the meantime.

The people around me watch as I go from like 0 to TED Talk on whatever the subject is in a matter of days, and I’m sure from the outside that must look completely insane. Especially considering how disparate the topics are that I’ll latch on to from week-to-week. I know I’ve had more than a few people basically roll their eyes and be like “Oh boy, he’s on some new bullshit now…” but I can’t help it. And it’s not ‘new bullshit’, it’s ‘additional bullshit’, I’ll have you know! Because none of these interests or accumulated knowledge go anywhere, they all become part of my creative toolbox and my vast pool of inspiration.

Anyway, this post is the explanation of a new category; posts for documenting the latest rabbit hole I’ve taken a tumble down. Might as well document this shit, otherwise I’m just accumulating knowledge as a means of self-gratification, right?

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