If it ain’t broke…

…give me a hot minute to really fuck things up. 😑

So, things have not been going well. Aside from a bit of a calamity which caused me to get hit with an electric bill 4x what it should have been, my financial situation has more or less stabilized. (It’d be a damn sight better if I were receiving survivor benefits, but that’s a whole other can of worms, which will be dealt with in due course…or not; it’s kind of up to Social Security…) There’s still nowhere for us to go—believe me, we spend a fair portion of every day looking—but the landlord has mostly gotten off our asses for the time being and still hasn’t burned the place down for the insurance money yet, which I took as a promising sign… On top of which, we’re a few months from having the credit to qualify for a home loan. (Coming up with a couple-few tens of thousands for a down payment is another matter, but without sufficient credit you can’t even have that conversation, so honestly it’s the lesser of the two obstacles; Good credit takes time, and time is immutable.)

Our plan to circumvent the problem of the utterly barren rental market by putting in the effort required to make home ownership even feasible seemed to be working… Which is how I should have known everything was fucked. Sure enough, a week ago we received new ‘Termination of Tenancy’ letters saying we need to be out by August 24th.

Needless to say, I don’t see how that’s going to happen, barring a miracle. 😬

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