Week 48, 2019 – Catching up

The following are my current projects that will be written up soon:

  • Flight Stick — A 3D-printed flight stick. (Design from Cults3D)
  • Rudder Pedals — A set of 3D-printed rudder pedals off Thingiverse.
  • Mechanical 7-segment display — A clockwork display module. (Design from Cults3D)
  • HUD Monocle Mk2 — Second prototype version of my monocular heads up display. Using a prism to achieve a vastly simplified optical path and smaller footprint. (And an ESP32 for electronics!)

Other upcoming content:

  • ESP32 Part 2 — Follow-up to my previous post about the ESP32 SoC.
  • New Filament! — Review of recent 3D printer filament acquisitions
  • RGB Ring Diffuser — A mini-blog about the 3D printed RGB LED ring diffusers I made
  • Magic Making Machines — A post about practical 3D printing, demonstrating the iterative design process of a practical print.

2 Responses to Week 48, 2019 – Catching up

  1. I’d really appreciate your help and advice on making a smaller 5 point harness buckle to use on the straps of a gas mask I’m working on!
    Could you please contact me?

    • Gas mask with a 5-point strap sounds very cyberpunk. What I did when designing my own, was to use Google’s patent search to look up patents for racing harness buckles and 5-point harness cam locks… It turned up a lot of mechanical drawings which helped me figure out how the mechanism works. Of course, after printing a prototype, I eventually gave up and bought a cheap one. (I was really only making my own because I thought they’d be too expensive, go figure.)

      Good luck with your project, let me know how it goes or if you need any more advice.

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