The Final Countdown

So, with nowhere else to go and time ticking away until I become homeless, I did the only rational thing I could; Started thinking about all the dumb shit I could be making! 🤪

To that end, I rounded up some of the more interesting components I’ve acquired recently but not done anything with, and picked up a few new ones. I hope to do a Show and Tell video of sorts, demonstrating the items and discussing some interesting uses I’ve thought of. For something like eight years, I’ve been trying to become a YouTube content creator and so far haven’t produced anything…so this video may end up being a “Grand Opening / Going Out of Business” type scenario. 😑

As for the blog, I still have unpublished posts about various things which I need to finish up and post; two unpublished posts following up on my replica PAX badge, a post about MSLA 3D printers, and a post about Looking Glass Factory’s Looking Glass Portrait lightfield display, being chief amongst them.

Stay tuned! 📺

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