Week 01, 2014 – Restatement of Objectives

Happy New Year, everyone!

Yeah, I stopped updating…  Some family trouble and the shuffling around of people and things put the kibosh on my workspaces for a while.  Everything is cluttered to high hell as the apartment is choked with other peoples’ things.  (Not that it was all that orderly before…)

Over the holidays I managed to pick up something cool; a real silkscreening press from Ryonet, thanks to their reduced holiday pricing.  I also picked up a dozen blank shirts in various colors from Amazon when I found a seller that had good Fruit of the Loom t-shirts in a roomy 4XL for $5.90 a piece. (Amazon Prime, even!) Unfortunately, they’ve since upped their prices.

I’ve really been faced with sort of a neverending cavalcade of clustastrophuckery (Catastrophe+Clusterfuck+Fuckery) lately, but I try not to let it get the best of me, and slowly but surely I acquire more of the tools I need to do the things I’m trying to do and hopefully I’ll manage to do them before things get too far out of whack.

Anyway, here’s what I hope to be posting in the coming days, weeks, and months:

  • Review the silkscreening press, including results.
  • Disclosures regarding my heretofore fairly hush-hush drone projects.

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